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National STEM Leadership Award from

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Thu Mar 22, 2012 5:02am EDT

National STEM Leadership Award from National Education Foundation (NEF CyberLearning) Goes to VA Principal

At-Risk High School Graduation Rate Has Gone Up from 61% to 91% — A Model for Nation’s Schools

Robert L. Eichorn, principal of New Directions Alternative Education Center in Manassas, VA, was recognized by National Education Foundation (NEF), on Friday, March 16, 2012 with the 2011-12 NEF CyberLearning National STEM Education Leadership Award.

NEF is the national nonprofit leader in providing science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education solution to disadvantaged schools across the U.S.

NEF founder Dr. Appu Kuttan, a global expert in education systems and empowerment, and the ‘father of cyberlearning,’ presented the award to Mr. Eichorn, along with a $10,000 school grant. Prince William County School Board Chairman Milton Johns and Superintendent Dr. Steven Walts attended the ceremony.

“The national award recognizes Eichorn’s powerful advocacy for bridging the STEM divide. His school’s sustained success has demonstrated the success of NEF’s CyberLearning STEM education program,” said Dr. Kuttan.

Superintendent Walts praised both Eichorn and Kuttan, saying, “The students are the beneficiaries of Eichorn’s profound vision. I thank Dr. Kuttan and NEF for recognizing New Directions and Mr. Eichorn for the outstanding work they do.”

The Manassas school is one of hundreds of schools across the U.S. that NEF supports.

NEF’s STEM education commitment, made recently at the Clinton Global Initiative, is to provide high-quality STEM education for one million students in the nation’s disadvantaged schools. NEF currently serves a million disadvantaged students in math education. It has already set up CyberLearning STEM academies in 14 states.

President Bill Clinton has commended NEF’s CyberLearning program saying “I salute you for your ongoing commitment for creating a better and stronger America.”

NEF ( donates online STEM courses, rated at the top by the U.S. Education Department, and provides Total Solution services including individualized learning, teacher training, mentoring and motivation.

NEF students can advance a grade level in math or reading in 20-30 learning hours for $70. NEF is thus able to provide the most cost-effective STEM education program in the U.S.

About NEF CyberLearning: National Education Foundation (NEF) is the national nonprofit leader in bridging academic and employment divides. NEF CyberLearning academies serve over a million K-12 students and job seekers across the U.S.

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