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NAEA News Article Guidelines, Terms & Conditions

The National Alternative Education Association’s Newsletter is seeking author submissions of the following kinds:smiles 2

  • Substantive articles in alternative education, including but not limited to credit recovery, exemplary programs, career and technical education, parental involvement, best practices, service learning and all around good news;
  • Insights, viewpoints, and opinions of current issues related to alternative education, including but not limited to students at risk, curriculum, instruction, and assessment;
  • Research findings, theories, or interpretations in alternative education in both content areas and pedagogy;
  • Best practices of instruction in the alternative programming

Articles should be submitted by the 1st business day of each month.   NAEA reserves the right to not publish a submission if it does not meet the content or technical specifications as outlined in the guidelines. It is at the discretion of the editor to edit for style (including grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.) but changes in content are made with the author’s consent. Please include proper APA citation when warranted.

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