Exemplary Practice 8.0: Family Engagement


An exemplary nontraditional or alternative school actively involves parents/guardians beyond parent/guardian-teacher meetings.
Non-judgmental, solution based approaches that incorporate parents/guardians as respected partners throughout the student’s length of stay at the school are emphasized in non-traditional and alternative programs.
The school works with parents/guardians to provide proper training and support to advance the learning and personal success of each student in the program.

Indicators of Quality Programming:

8.1 Family Engagement is welcomed recognized as vital and actively recruited by opportunities for involvement in the nontraditional or alternative program is evident. All families are given equal opportunity for involvement with ever effort being made to reduce barriers such as language, transportation, or geographic location.

8.2 Effective communication and interaction takes place between family and school staff to include consistent notification of student progress (regular progress reports or as needed).

8.3 Family is recognized as equal partners and involved in the decision-making process for the student and the program, including the following: to serve on the Student Support Team (SST), to help develop the individualized student plan, to help guide and direct the mission and purpose of the program via an Advisory Council, and to help evaluate the overall effectiveness of the nontraditional and alternative program.

8.4 Family participates as partners to create solution based strategies to support the effect and affect growth of their student.

8.5 Consultation regarding strategies to support the learning and personal success of students is made readily available to all families.

8.6 Families have access to parent education programs sponsored by the nontraditional or alternative school and other community agencies.

8.7 Procedures are in place to address all family grievances in a timely manner with an emphasis on flexibility, accountability, and consistency.

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