Exemplary Practice 13.0: Digital and Virtual Learning


An exemplary digital or virtual learning program implemented in a nontraditional or alternative school is accessible via the World Wide Web and in secure facilities.
Digital or Virtual courses are aligned to state/national standards and meet local education agency course content guidelines.
Digital and Virtual courses are rigorous, prescriptive, and standard and assessment based.

Indicators of Quality Programming:

13.1 The course content is characterized by rigor, is aligned to state and local standards, and includes an overview, syllabus, and scope of sequence for delivery which may include blended learning.

13.2 The course content incorporates literacy and communication skills, reflects multicultural education, and research based.

13.3 The course design is clear, incorporates multiple ways to engage in learning, and organized in lessons and units that are organized and sequential.

13.4 The course design provides students the opportunity to engage in critical thinking, readability is grade level appropriate, and assignments are aligned to course content.

13.5 Course assessments are aligned with objectives, reliable and valid, and provide for timely and frequent feedback to inform teaching and learning.

13.6 Grading tools and materials provide the student and teacher with immediate feedback, provide flexibility in assessment, and are easy to understand and manage.

13.7 The course construction allows instructors to add content and activities, provides clear navigation parameters for students, and includes rich and varied multimedia.

13.8 The course construction supports multiple schedules and pacing guides, clearly identifies technology requirements, notes prerequisite technology skills, and includes content specific tools.

13.9 Course materials provide appropriate access for all students and student information remains confidential as required by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

13.10 The course is updated regularly noting changes in state and national standards and is facilitated by a highly qualified teacher.

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